Dragon Ball Z Manga in full color coming soon

Dragon Ball Z Manga

Thanks to the guys at Saiyan Island we have some amazing news on the status of Dragon Ball Z Manga reprints and it being in full color which will start being released this February. The Dragon Ball Z Manga is one of the most in demand at the moment as Viz released the full box […]

K and K productions final Saiyan Saga trailer

Dragon Ball Z

The final version of the fan made K&K Productions Super Saiyan Sega has been released in its final 5 minute trailer form. It started with a target of raising $5000 to help cover production costs and in the end earned $14,273 through its Indiegogo page alone. Although its been a huge success for the two […]

Super Saiyan level 4 in Dragon Ball 2013

Anime Dragon Ball Z

Thanks to a few fans in Japan we have a few magazine scans which give us a bit more insight into the new movie Battle of Gods and teases a new character. The first scan shows a set of figures which look like additions to the Dragon Ball world collection. They have super saiyan 3 […]

Dragon Ball Z Logo Generator – Moji Maker

Dragon Ball Z

I thin Akira Toriyama might be the most epic man to ever live and he just keeps on giving. This week he released the Dragon Ball Z Moji Maker to the world. The Moji Maker is a DBZ logo generator where you can enter your first and last name, select a back ground and hit […]

Dragon Ball 2013 may not get a dub

Anime Dragon Ball Z

The new Dragon Ball Z movie is going to have a nation wide release date of 30th March 2013 in Japan but so far no news on an official English Dub have been released through Funimation or any other source. Speaking through Twitter Sean Schemmel who has voiced Goku through DBZ, GT and numerous games […]

Dragon Ball Battle of Gods Release Date

Anime Dragon Ball Z

Previously known as Dragon Ball 2013 the latest Anime from Toei Animation will be DBZ : Battle of Gods which is the first Anime to be written by DBZ‘s original authorĀ  Akira Toriyama. Battle of Gods will take place after the Boo Saga in the anime and introduce a whole new series of evil gods. […]