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SDCC 2013 Super Saiyan 3 Goku Girl

This is a super original cosplay from SDCC 2013. Not many cosplayers have attempted Super Saiyan 3 Goku as the hair is almost too cartoony but this girl has got the whole costume perfect. Following on from the Vampybitme’s Vegeta it would would have been awesome to see the two together. If you know who […]

Vampybitme female Vegeta Cosplay

One of the biggest names in Cosplay and her version of Vegeta. It’s the first female version of Vegeta I’ve seen and since this appearence there has been a lot more similor cosplays with girls dressing up as the main characters from DBZ. Visit Vampybitme’s Facebook page ofr more from this cosplay superstar.

Birusu Cosplay

Following the epic Birusu toy we have the first cosplay of the new Dragon Ball god of destruction. Birusu has fast become an anime legend and the movie hasn’t even been released yet. Dragon Ball Z fans from all over the world have been making their own Birusu tributes from artwork to toys but this […]