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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Trailer

Even the most hard core Dragon Ball Z fan might get bored of some of the games that Bandai have released with a lot of them having little to no story and all being fairly similor. That was until Dragon Ball Online came out which put fans in the same world in a massive multiplayer […]

Dragon Ball RPG mobile game

A new Dragon Ball game for Android and IPhone has just been released which focuses on the early days of Goku’s adventures. It’s great to know Bandai haven’t forgotten about the original Dragon Ball series as it’s one of the most revolutionary cartoons ever made. The adult themes mixed in with the childish humor made […]

Dragon Ball online closing down

What started as one of the coolest MMORGP will soon be shutting down after a successful three year release of Dragon Ball Online. For the last two years there has been evidence we might have been getting a Europian and US release but unfortunatly we probably wont see an official English release. The game was […]

Dragon Ball Battle of Z game trailer

The first trailer for Dragon Ball Battle of Z has been released and shows off some epic new features including group battles, something DBZ game makers should have put in years ago. Other than the team battle the graphics and game play don’t look like anything we haven’t seen before but this is just a […]