Dragon Ball Z Online Toys released DBO

The publishers of the free to play MMO Dragon Ball Online have released the first toys based on the free to play game based on its main characters.

The new figures look to be based on the mini statues made by Banpresto who may actually also make these. The three characters are the human/saiyan hybrid boy and girl along with the payable Namek. Surprisingly they haven’t released one of each race which would have given us a Majin in the set too. It is indication that there will be future releases to fill int he gaps in the series.

If you want a set you will probably have to wait until your local Japanese toy shops import them as they are only available online through the Wasabii website.

Fingers crossed we will get an English translation of DBO this year, evidence says they have at least thought of making a US and European release of the game as the domain names have been purchased.

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