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Goku Black

He’s one of the most dangerous looking bad guys to appear in Dragon Ball since it’s creation. He looks like Goku, fights like Goku but is pure evil hence the name Goku Black. We know he’s destroyed worlds and has even managed to beat the Z fighters in at least one timeline. In a desperate […]

New Dragon ball anime series coming 2015

The original Dragon Ball Anime series was well known for dragging things out and not taking it’s time which meant we got to know the characters even more and they managed to fit in loads more awesome fighting. Then when it ended we got a few movies but they all seemed too ruched especially Dragon […]

Frieza’s new final form

Thanks to the latest trailer for Dragon Ball 2015 we have our first look at Frieza’s new final final form. The new form is in the same taste as Goku’s God mode where he is similar to his old form but has a bit of a different color scheme. Compared to when Dragon Ball Battle […]

Dragon Ball Z: The Light of Hope Project Interview with Derek Padula

Robot Underdog is currently creating what looks to be the best live action DBZ series ever made and behind their script is none other than the foremost authority on all things Dragon Ball – Derek Padula, author of Dragon Ball Z “It’s Over 9,000!” When Worldviews Collide , and the upcoming book called“Dragon Ball Culture” that reveals the traditional culture of the […]

Birusu Cosplay

Following the epic Birusu toy we have the first cosplay of the new Dragon Ball god of destruction. Birusu has fast become an anime legend and the movie hasn’t even been released yet. Dragon Ball Z fans from all over the world have been making their own Birusu tributes from artwork to toys but this […]

The many faces of Birusu

Thanks to the latest edition of V-Jump in Japan we have a whole new look on Birusu and his many expressions. In the picture he almost looks like he is wearing a lab coat but it looks like what he wears to sleep for decades. Along the side of that it looks like a drawing […]

Dragon Ball KFC commercial

It’s possibly been the biggest promotion KFC has ever done. The Dragon Ball Z bottles are a Japanese KFC exclusive and have been selling online for ridiculous prices. With the new Battle of Gods movie out this month KFC have launched this new commercial to help promote the offer in its stores.