Whis and Birusu power levels from Dragon Ball heroes card game

From early screenings and spoilers of Dragon Ball Z Batle of Gods we know that Birusu is strong compared to the Z fighters. Even Super Saiyan 3 Goku needs an update to beat the guy. Whis who is a higher god is said to be even stronger than Bils aka Birusu but by just how much?

Thanks to the Japanese Dragon Ball Heroes Card game we have scans of the two new gods cards along with power levels and HP.

Birusu weighs in at

  • 2500 HP
  • 7200
  • 1000


  • 3700 HP
  • 3000
  • 1500

Super Saiyan 3 Goku

  • 3200 hp
  • 4000
  • 2000

Going off this information it looks like Super Saiyan 3 Goku wasn’t too far off beating Birusu in terms of HP but attack wise Birusu kicks ass.

Whis card bils card

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