Figuarts Birusu

This is the first articulated toy I’ve seen based on the God of Destruction Birusu, It’s been sculpted and built to fit in with the Figuarts Dragon Ball Z toy line which is highly articulated and one of the most popular toy lines coming out of Japan at the moment.

I’ve been told this is just the first version of this custom as the maker has also built several heads and sets of arms along with special effects props which are in the works.

I’m hoping that Figuarts will notice this toy and make their own God of Destruction to go with the movie. The toy line needs more villains and Birusu aka Bils if the mightiest of them all so far.

So far they have been able to keep the Battle of Gods figures well hidden so who knows maybe one like this is already in the works.

figuarts-Birusu-toy figuarts-Birusu-side figuarts-Birusu-hands figuarts-Birusu-golu figuarts-Birusu-front figuarts-Birusu-custom figuarts-Birusu-attack figuarts-bils figuarts-Birusu-angle

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