Amy Johnston cast as Android 18 in Live action DBZ movie

This could be the best news since Battle of Gods was announced. A new live action fan made DBZ movie is in the making and the latest cast member added to the crew is none other than world class martial artist Amy Johnston.

We have had a few live action Dragon Ball Z movies including the one official and several short fan based ones but none have ever done DBZ justice. This new one is taking the fan project very seriously getting Scarlett Johansson’s Black widow stund double Amy Johnston on board to play everyones favorite android chick.

The first picture of Android 18 is more than promising with a modern costume and profesional actress.

Amy Johnstons official website


  1. Hello,
    I am excited from what I can see when it comes to this fan based movie. So what I would like to know it, when it is finished filming how could I get my hands on a copy of it

    1. This is soo stupid nobody is even claiming to direct it yet And how can you just skip all the way to the android saga without the Saiyan or frieza saga (duh)

      1. Thanks Saiyana you see it in my view. Aside from the stupidity of starting with a stupid DBZ TV special the people behind this shit think they are hot shit because they have that faggot Derek Padula as their writer this piece of shit waste of time overrated fan film will be an epic fail guaran-fucking-teed.

  2. All i hope not to see is cheap CGI n stuff like that…and what i atleast hope to see are battlescenes similar to man of steel movie…cause lets be honest those wore badass and seemed to be closest to dbz anime ones

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