Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Trailer #1

The first trailer for Robot Underdogs live action DBZ movie titled Light of Hope has just been released and featured more of the amazing Amy Johnston as Android 18.

The special effects in the trailer alone look a lot better than any of the live action DBZ movies we have seen from the official one to the numerous live action clips/trailers we have seen. Then on top of that you have some very creative camera shots of an extremly talented cast.

After a lot of Dragon Ball fan works promising the world and delivering less than Krillin in a Cooler battle it’s nice to see a fan piece actually delivering what the fans want. It’s going to push the bar very high for anyone wanting to follow in Robot Underdogs footsteps.


  1. Wow.. Excellent!! Now this is the action/graphics/casting I wanted to see in DBE ( which sucked majorly!! ). This one trailer demolished the entire DBE movie. Lol.. It seems like this guy is a fan and should be the creator of all DBZ live action movies. IMO

  2. Hey guys, The movie looks like is gonna be a good dragon ball film. I see the characters and they look pretty cool. In my opinion trunks needs a 90’s hairstyle. More like the blond guy from backstreet boys. Good work guys!!

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