S.H.Figuarts battle damaged Gohan and Premium Cell

Thanks to some pictures from Japan Expo 2016 we have the first preview of some upcoming S.H.Figuarts characters.

The first one is a Cell saga battle damaged Gohan which features the new style of articulation. We also have a premium color version of Cell.

Both look like big upgrades compared to their previous releases. Although it is a shame that Cell is just a repaint, it would have been a great time to release a variation of him. Even if the Premium color versions had different heads I think they would generate more interest.

At the moment there isn’t a release date set for these two but they will likely be out ready for December 2016 as it”s not been too long since they released S.H.Figuarts adult Gohan.

Figuarts battle damaged gohan and premium cell

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