Super Saiyan Kid Gohan v2 Pre-order

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

The S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball toy line seems to be going strong as they keep bringing fans the characters they ask for. This time due for release in February we get a new highly detailed Super Saiyan Gohan figure. This is probably going to be the last time we see a Figurts kid Gohan figure, the […]

Figure-rise – Dragon Ball: Frieza Final Form

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

It’s been years since Bandai first released their MG Goku kits, they are probably the two longed in print kits the Japanese company has ever sold and considering their how popular Gundam kits have been it’s a bit achievement for Dragon Ball fans. Currently about $25 on which is cheaper than the Figuarts Frieza and […]

S.H.Figuarts Son Goku Super Warrior Awakening

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

Tamashii Nations continue their mission to bankrupt every Dragon Ball Z fan with another amazing S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball release. This time they have stepped back a few seasons and returned to the Frieza Saga. This is when Goku realizes he is the legendary Super Saiyan and kills Frieza for the first time. The best thing […]

Frieza’s new final form

Anime Dragon Ball Z

Thanks to the latest trailer for Dragon Ball 2015 we have our first look at Frieza’s new final final form. The new form is in the same taste as Goku’s God mode where he is similar to his old form but has a bit of a different color scheme. Compared to when Dragon Ball Battle […]

Dragon Ball Light of Hope episode 1

Dragon Ball movie Dragon Ball Z

The long awaited live action Light of Hope short has been released by the fan studio Robot Under Dog. The movie which stars Amy Johnston as Android 18 started off about a year ago much like the other fan made live action short films with loads of hype and wishful fans waiting for a release. […]

Resurrection of Freiza manga release

Dragon Ball Z Manga

When the Battle of Gods movie came out we were told it would fit in between chapters of the Manga but we never got those missing books for our collection. For the Resurrection of Freiza which is out late 2015 we will get a three chapter manga to go with the movie which will be […]

Resurrection of Frieza toys

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

The first toys for the upcoming Dragon Ball 2015 movie have been shown at a toy show and will fall under the Dragon Ball WCF toy line. The first toys for Battle of Gods were also part of the WCF toy line and we didn’t see much else after that. There is also a Gohan […]

S.H.Figuarts Android 16

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

If there was one thing to make sure I buy both Figuarts Android 17 and 18 it would be the release of this figure. It’s another large scale S.H.Figuasrts toy based on Android 16. Android 16 was probably one of the coolest characters in the Android saga and so far we haven’t had a lot […]

S.H.Figuarts Broly

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

This could be the best news since we found out Super Saiyan Goku was being reissued. The artists behind the S.H.Figuarts Dragonm Ball Z toys have unleashed their next toy as a super sized Super Saiyan Broly. It looks to be the same size as the Nappa we saw a few years ago but this […]

KO S.H Figuarts Trunks / Vegeta combo

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

The latest S.H.Figuarts Ko actually looks like it might be worth buying. It’s a Super Saiyan Vegeta / Trunks combo. It comes with both heads, the crossed arms piece and a whole new sculp for Trunks super Saiyan hair. The bootleg looks to have higher quality joints than the others we have seen in the […]

Battle of Gods coming to USA theaters

Dragon Ball Z

Two years after the Japanese release Battle of Gods is going to be officially translated into English and shown in a select few cinemas around the USA. The movie will be released thanks to FUNimation who worked on translating the other Dragon Ball Z series. It’s taken a long time to get this far but […]

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Trailer #1

Dragon Ball movie Dragon Ball Z

The first trailer for Robot Underdogs live action DBZ movie titled Light of Hope has just been released and featured more of the amazing Amy Johnston as Android 18. The special effects in the trailer alone look a lot better than any of the live action DBZ movies we have seen from the official one […]

Dragon Ball Z: The Light of Hope Project Interview with Derek Padula

Anime Dragon Ball movie Dragon Ball Z

Robot Underdog is currently creating what looks to be the best live action DBZ series ever made and behind their script is none other than the foremost authority on all things Dragon Ball – Derek Padula, author of Dragon Ball Z “It’s Over 9,000!” When Worldviews Collide , and the upcoming book called“Dragon Ball Culture” that reveals the traditional culture of the […]

Battle of Gods statues

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

With the Dragon Ball Balttle of Gods DVD being released soon along with as much of the world wide cinema release as possible it’s time for more merchendise news. So far it looks like no toy company has signed for real toys of the movie yet but we are getting closer. So far we have […]

S.H.Figuarts Frieza Review

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

The latest release from in the Figuarts Dragon Ball line is the Final Form Frieza. It’s the third villain in the series if you include Saiyan Vegeta and an awesome addition to any Dragon Ball collection. Frieza stands a lot smaller than the other figures in the toy line but comes with a lot more accessories […]

Goku vs Superman video

Dragon Ball Z

I’ve seen a few videos ands hundreds of images featuring the idea of an amazing Goku Vs Superman fight. Personally I can’t see why they would fight but if they had a reason it would be a real clash of the titans. This is one of the best videos of a Goku Vs Superman right. […]

Figuarts Krillin pre-order at $40 on Amazon

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

The figuarts line has produced the best Dragon Ball Z toys ever made and they have brought fans some amazing figures letting them decide what comes next in the line. The next pre-order is Krillin and thanks to he is the cheapest release in the last several years. Most of the figuarts pre-orders start […]

Shodo God Goku toy Review

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

When they they announced the return of Dragon Ball Z with Battle of Gods every fan would have bet we would see a flood of new DBZ merch including toys games and more toys. So far we have had hardly any toys of the new characters apart from the World Collection Figures and this Shodo […]

Super Saiyan 3 Gohan and Trunks

Dragon Ball Z Games

With an ever expanding Dragon Ball Universe the latest DBZ game update has news that we be able to play as Future versions of Super Saiyan 3 Gohan and Trunks. They will both appear in Dragon Ball Heroes: Galaxy Mission #9. The news comes from this months V Jump Magazine via DBZ Bene Lux

SDCC Figuarts Piccolo

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

The Figuarts Piccolo figure was extremly rare last year and sold for hundreds on Ebay and Amazon but came back due to high demand a few months ago in its original colors. At this years SDCC it’s going to be re issued again with new colors like the Goku and Gohan we have seen previously […]

Dragon Ball Battle of Z game trailer

Dragon Ball Z Games

The first trailer for Dragon Ball Battle of Z has been released and shows off some epic new features including group battles, something DBZ game makers should have put in years ago. Other than the team battle the graphics and game play don’t look like anything we haven’t seen before but this is just a […]