New Dragon ball anime series coming 2015


The original Dragon Ball Anime series was well known for dragging things out and not taking it’s time which meant we got to know the characters even more and they managed to fit in loads more awesome fighting. Then when it ended we got a few movies but they all seemed too ruched especially Dragon […]

Frieza’s new final form

Anime Dragon Ball Z

Thanks to the latest trailer for Dragon Ball 2015 we have our first look at Frieza’s new final final form. The new form is in the same taste as Goku’s God mode where he is similar to his old form but has a bit of a different color scheme. Compared to when Dragon Ball Battle […]

Dragon Ball Light of Hope episode 1

Dragon Ball movie Dragon Ball Z

The long awaited live action Light of Hope short has been released by the fan studio Robot Under Dog. The movie which stars Amy Johnston as Android 18 started off about a year ago much like the other fan made live action short films with loads of hype and wishful fans waiting for a release. […]

Resurrection of Freiza manga release

Dragon Ball Z Manga

When the Battle of Gods movie came out we were told it would fit in between chapters of the Manga but we never got those missing books for our collection. For the Resurrection of Freiza which is out late 2015 we will get a three chapter manga to go with the movie which will be […]

Resurrection of Frieza toys

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

The first toys for the upcoming Dragon Ball 2015 movie have been shown at a toy show and will fall under the Dragon Ball WCF toy line. The first toys for Battle of Gods were also part of the WCF toy line and we didn’t see much else after that. There is also a Gohan […]

Official Dragon Ball Z 2015 website launches

Dragon Ball movie

Toei Animation have launched the official website for Dragon Ball Z The Resurrection of Freiza which will be released in 2015. The site is all based in Japanese and the text is even embed in images so it makes it hard to translate but it features an introduction to the movie along with a brief […]

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Trailer


Even the most hard core Dragon Ball Z fan might get bored of some of the games that Bandai have released with a lot of them having little to no story and all being fairly similor. That was until Dragon Ball Online came out which put fans in the same world in a massive multiplayer […]

Dragon Ball 2015 will be in 3D

Dragon Ball movie

Thanks to the latest trailer for Dragon Ball 2015 we now know it will be the first Dragon Ball Z movie made in both 2D and 3D. The fights in Dragon Ball have always been cutting edge in terms of annimation and one of the most impressive parts of the cartoon. The new movie will […]

Dragon Ball 2015 Sorbet and Tagoma pictures

Dragon Ball movie

A clear picture of the two villains responsible for ressurecting Frieza in the upcoming Dragon Ball 2015 movie have been released through V-Jump magazine. The two remaining soldiers from Freizas once great army Sorbet and Tagoma visit Earth to find the Dragon Balls and make a wish for a stronger Frieza to return. Akira Toriyama said […]

Dragon Ball Lego

Dragon Ball Toys

Popular third party Lego companies in China are making Dragon Ball Z themed lego which is compatible with the more popoular brand. The Lego looks to be being made by two or three seperate third part LEgo companies which have produced a range of different characters including Super Saiyan Goku, Vegeta, Roshi, Krillin Piccolo and […]

Pre order Tamashii Nations Vegetto S.H. Figuarts

Dragon Ball Toys

Bandai are making some amazing toys in 2014 and the Dragon Ball Tamashii Nations line is getting stronger with a wider selection of new characters coming out. The International release date for Vegetto is set as May 2014 and the figure is now up for Pre order via amazon which will be the cheapest place […]

Second S.H.Figuarts Buu toy coming in 2015

Dragon Ball Toys

Pictures from a recent convention show that we might get two versions of Buu out in 2015. Buu is one of the most long awaited toys from the line and this year we might get two versions. Both Super Buu’s in the picture are based on the same toy frame but look to have different […]

S.H.Figuarts Adult Gohan coming 2015

Dragon Ball Toys

To help with the Buu saga Figuarts toys they are releasing an adult version of Gohan to help build up numbers for the good guys. Adult Gohan looks like he might be just a head swap on the Goku figure but this is just an early prototype so the actual toy will hopfully differ and […]

S.H.Figuarts Buu coming in 2015

Dragon Ball Toys

Ever since the Dragon Ball Figuarts toys started coming out this has been one of the most wanted characters. They have released the first pictures of the upcoming S.H.Figuarts Buu which is going to be released in 2015. It’s not the kid Buu we wanted but he will complete out main bad guy collection along […]

Tamashii Nations SH Figuarts Broly Pre-order

Dragon Ball Toys

This year has been an amazing one for any Dragon Ball toy collector. We’ve seen the long teased and awaited S.H.Figuarts Son Goku. Now we have one of his most powerful enemies as Broly get released at the end of the year. The S.H.Figuarts Broly is due out December 2014 according to Amazon and if […]

S.H.Figuarts Vegito picture

Dragon Ball Toys

The latest S.H.Figuarts teaser has been released and its suprisingly Vegito. It looks like Vegito uses a lot of the Goku sculpt and will be released early 2015 in Japan. For a long while it looked like the next one in the series would be Adult Gohan but that figure may have been pushed back […]

S.H.Figuarts Android 16

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

If there was one thing to make sure I buy both Figuarts Android 17 and 18 it would be the release of this figure. It’s another large scale S.H.Figuasrts toy based on Android 16. Android 16 was probably one of the coolest characters in the Android saga and so far we haven’t had a lot […]

S.H.Figuarts Broly

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

This could be the best news since we found out Super Saiyan Goku was being reissued. The artists behind the S.H.Figuarts Dragonm Ball Z toys have unleashed their next toy as a super sized Super Saiyan Broly. It looks to be the same size as the Nappa we saw a few years ago but this […]

KO S.H Figuarts Trunks / Vegeta combo

Dragon Ball Toys Dragon Ball Z

The latest S.H.Figuarts Ko actually looks like it might be worth buying. It’s a Super Saiyan Vegeta / Trunks combo. It comes with both heads, the crossed arms piece and a whole new sculp for Trunks super Saiyan hair. The bootleg looks to have higher quality joints than the others we have seen in the […]

Goku vs Superman statue limited to 60

Dragon Ball Toys

This is probably the coolest Dragon Ball statue since the giant Broly vs Goku one. This brings to life the epic fan dream fight of Goku vs Superman. The statue which was only released in Japan is limited to only 60 and has a light up Goku effect. It’s probably one of the most detailed […]

Battle of Gods coming to USA theaters

Dragon Ball Z

Two years after the Japanese release Battle of Gods is going to be officially translated into English and shown in a select few cinemas around the USA. The movie will be released thanks to FUNimation who worked on translating the other Dragon Ball Z series. It’s taken a long time to get this far but […]

Figuarts Android 17 pre order

Dragon Ball Toys

To help even the odds Bandai Tamashi Nations are releasing the a new bad guy in the S.H.Figuarts toy line. So far Android 17 is tagged to an October 2014 release date which means he will likley be ready for December due to the usual delays. So far we have had Cell and Freiza to […]

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Trailer #1

Dragon Ball movie Dragon Ball Z

The first trailer for Robot Underdogs live action DBZ movie titled Light of Hope has just been released and featured more of the amazing Amy Johnston as Android 18. The special effects in the trailer alone look a lot better than any of the live action DBZ movies we have seen from the official one […]

Dragon Ball Z Volume 1 in color order online


One of the biggest Dragon Ball releases last year was the reissue of Dragon Ball Z in color. originally made the for the Japanese audience it’s finally been translated by Viz and will be available February 4th on a limited initial release. In Japan all the Manga was colored from the original Dragon Ball series […]

Dragon Fall Volume 1 – English Translation

Dragon Ball Manga

In 1997 Nacho Fernandez and Alvaro Lopez released this Spanish spoof Manga based on Dragon Ball. The series went on for years and made 50 volumes which have been translated into several languages over the years but so far there has been no official English translation. Artwork wise they have kept it very similar to […]