Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men

Dragon Ball movie

This is a new fan made live action Dragon Ball Z movie which looks to be the most professional looking one yet. It looks like they have gone for a very dark angle for this movie which I don’t think usually fits Dragon Ball but this movie seems to make it fit. Overall this is […]

Dragon Ball Light of Hope episode 1

Dragon Ball movie Dragon Ball Z

The long awaited live action Light of Hope short has been released by the fan studio Robot Under Dog. The movie which stars Amy Johnston as Android 18 started off about a year ago much like the other fan made live action short films with loads of hype and wishful fans waiting for a release. […]

Official Dragon Ball Z 2015 website launches

Dragon Ball movie

Toei Animation have launched the official website for Dragon Ball Z The Resurrection of Freiza which will be released in 2015. The site is all based in Japanese and the text is even embed in images so it makes it hard to translate but it features an introduction to the movie along with a brief […]

Dragon Ball 2015 will be in 3D

Dragon Ball movie

Thanks to the latest trailer for Dragon Ball 2015 we now know it will be the first Dragon Ball Z movie made in both 2D and 3D. The fights in Dragon Ball have always been cutting edge in terms of annimation and one of the most impressive parts of the cartoon. The new movie will […]

Dragon Ball 2015 Sorbet and Tagoma pictures

Dragon Ball movie

A clear picture of the two villains responsible for ressurecting Frieza in the upcoming Dragon Ball 2015 movie have been released through V-Jump magazine. The two remaining soldiers from Freizas once great army Sorbet and Tagoma visit Earth to find the Dragon Balls and make a wish for a stronger Frieza to return. Akira Toriyama said […]

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Trailer #1

Dragon Ball movie Dragon Ball Z

The first trailer for Robot Underdogs live action DBZ movie titled Light of Hope has just been released and featured more of the amazing Amy Johnston as Android 18. The special effects in the trailer alone look a lot better than any of the live action DBZ movies we have seen from the official one […]

Dragon Ball Z: The Light of Hope Project Interview with Derek Padula

Anime Dragon Ball movie Dragon Ball Z

Robot Underdog is currently creating what looks to be the best live action DBZ series ever made and behind their script is none other than the foremost authority on all things Dragon Ball – Derek Padula, author of Dragon Ball Z “It’s Over 9,000!” When Worldviews Collide , and the upcoming book called“Dragon Ball Culture” that reveals the traditional culture of the […]

Honest Trailers does Dragon Ball Evolution

Anime Dragon Ball movie

This could very well be the best thing to come out of the Dragon Ball Evolution. It was the film which had a lot of potential but just did almost everything wrong. Honest Trailers do an awesome job of highlighting the best and worst bits of movies and for this one they have teamed up […]

Dragon Ball Battle of Gods Hong Kong Release date

Dragon Ball movie

Battle of Gods has probably been the biggest animated movie of the year in terms of global popularity. I’ve even known people who have flown to Japan to see the movie in the cinema. The latest news come from Kanzenshuu which is  that Battle of Gods will be released in Hong Kong on the 15th […]

Live action Frieza Saga video update

Dragon Ball movie

K and K productions who brought us the Saiyan Saga trailer are back with an even more ambitious project based on the Frieza Saga. The Saiyan Saga had a lot of mixed opinions by DBZ fans as the finished product was way too short. After months of teasing fans with an awesome cast and some […]